Discover the Difference with Conquest Pools

At Cool Pools of Melbourne, we install high-quality fibreglass pools that will transform your home as well as your lifestyle. Partnering with Conquest, a distinguished fibreglass pool manufacturer with almost five decades of experience, we’re able to bring you the Cool Pools experience – an unparalleled combination of innovation, durability, and style.

Our Trusted Partner: Conquest Fibreglass Pools

We are proud to exclusively collaborate with Conquest, a leader in fibreglass manufacturing. Conquest has been a pioneer in the leisure industry, beginning with the manufacture of speed boats in 1995. Since then, under the Conquest Marine division, the company has established itself as a leader in fibreglass manufacture, with their products enduring the harshest climatic conditions of the open sea. In 2003, Conquest applied the same expertise to pool manufacturing, leveraging proven technologies to enhance the quality of their pools. This partnership allows us to deliver pools of exceptional quality, backed by Conquest’s 25-year structural warranty.

Diverse Designs

In our collaboration with Conquest, we’re able to offer our clients a diverse selection of over 50 pool designs and sizes. From classic to contemporary, our fibreglass pools in Melbourne are customisable in a range of 35 different colours to suit your unique style. With Conquest’s commitment to precision in mould-making, each pool is a masterpiece, reflecting their dedication to delivering the pool shell of your dreams.

Supporting Local Business

When you choose Cool Pools of Melbourne as your pool builder, you’re not just investing in a pool, you’re investing in local businesses. As a Victorian company using Conquest’s premium fibreglass shells, we eliminate the need for interstate freight. This not only saves you money but also minimises delays, damage, and ensures that your pool is sourced locally, supporting the community and reducing environmental impact.

Unmatched Material Quality

The longevity and durability of your pool is something we value highly here at Cool Pools of Melbourne. Conquest’s commitment to using the finest materials, including marine-grade Polycor® gelcoats and pure Bisphenol-A vinyl ester resin, ensures that your pool exceeds industry standards.

Due to their history in boat construction, Conquest have been able to combine some long used marine technologies into their pool manufacturing process, creating an incredibly durable pool shell. These fibreglass shells are also crafted with purpose-formulated structural resin, which adheres to the stringent Australian Standard AS1838:1994.

Independent Testing

Conquest Pools subject their fibreglass pools to rigorous independent testing by the University of South Queensland. These tests compared Conquest pool shells to a competitor’s ceramic laminate pool. The results speak volumes:

Conquest pool shells had:

19.7% Better Mean Average Load
53.8% Better Tensile Strength
19.8% Better Stiffness
26.5% Better Flexural Property

These exceptional results confirm that Conquest’s fibreglass shells are designed and built to not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks.

Optimal Transport for Maximum Durability

Conquest Pools prioritises the safe transport of each pool. They transport only one pool at a time on the truck, preventing micro-cracks and ensuring that the pool shell is protected and secure. Their commitment to excellence in transport ensures your pool arrives in pristine condition, ready for installation by our expert team. Conquest’s unique transport method also allows their team to pre-plumb pools before they are delivered to us for installation. This innovative approach not only ensures durable and water-tight plumbing, providing you with a hassle-free and efficient pool setup.

Cool Pools and Conquest – Fibreglass Pool Construction in Melbourne

With Conquest as our supplier, we’re able to bring you pools that are built for quality, durability, and aesthetic design, helping you to create a backyard paradise that you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come. As a pool builder in Melbourne, we have over 20 years’ experience installing Conquest pools. Much like our esteemed counterparts at Conquest Pools, our shared commitment is to consistently surpass customer expectations on all fronts. It is with great pride that we partner with them to deliver high-quality fibreglass pools in Melbourne. Contact us today to enquire about your new Cool Pool!